Director - Sinead O'Loughlin

Ireland - 15 minutes

An elderly woman returns to her home after a violent break in that has robbed her of her husband and her peace of mind. Now alone, only she can discover if she is ready, or able, to begin life again. Starring Tony Award winning actress Marie Mullen.

Higher Ground

Director - Nuala Dalton

Ireland - 10 minutes

'Higher Ground' features two hill-farmers, their connection with the land and the connections among the local community.

Short Calf Muscle

Director - Victoria Warmerdam

Netherlands - 13 minutes

Short Calf Muscle is an absurdist black comedy about Anders. And Anders is different. But he doesn’t know that. Yes, he’s also gay, but that’s not the point here. There is also this thing that others see but he doesn’t.

Niall Adams

Director - Tom Martin

UK - 10 minutes

This short biopic documentary explores the work and life of artist Nial Adams; encompassing loss, grief, legacy and embracing change.

20 Yards From A Crow

Director - Al Butler

Ireland - 10 minutes

Ricky Whelan looks at the world of Crows that exists around us. Filmed in Portlaoise and Wexford.

Gym Patriot

Director - Slobodan Karajlovic

UK - 7 minutes

A white man showers after a session at the gym, and becomes unnerved and then competitive after overhearing an Arabic voice singing in another cubicle. Culture clash and the bubbling subtext of prejudice. How will he retaliate? 


Director - Frédéric Desjardins

Canada - 9 minutes

In a world where technology often makes it possible to do without others, a man works, lives and carries out all of his activities alone.


Director - Ciarán Dooley

Ireland - 6 minutes

Over the course of her 21st Birthday, Ava explores the grief felt by the loss of her twin sister and attempts to overcome it. A musing on emotions still present and those lost, and a remembrance of a constant reminder.

The Plunge

Director - Simon Ryninks

UK - 10 minutes

After a night of passion Emily tells Jay that she’d like to use a strap-on. Scared of losing a girl he has a connection with, Jay reluctantly agrees.


Director - David Yorke

UK - 9 minutes

After discovering a USB port in her wrist, Kate uncovers a world where she has the ability to change herself for the better. But she will slowly discover that greed will come at a cost.

Bleeding Lies

Director - Hsieh Meng Han

UK - 10 minutes

In a world where each lie creates a scar on the liar's body, people are covered in wounds. The bigger the lie, the deeper and larger the mark. Bevyn, a newbie in the army, meets Sergeant Adelard, who surprisingly has no scars at all. People in the army secretly call him 'the most honest man'...

The Bridge

Director - Mark Smyth

Ireland - 15minutes

After the sudden death of his parents a young man must choose between returning to his home village in the west of Ireland to care for his estranged brother, and a bright future in Canada.

The Butterfly

Love Song

Director - luke Morgan

Ireland - 14 minutes

A film by Project Spatula, produced by Morgan Creative, John Herbert and Seamus Scanlon. Based on the award-winning short story by Seamus Scanlon.

Bless me,


Director - Boubkar Benzabat

France - 11 minutes

A man goes to the church in order to confess his last sin to an exasperated young priest.

Bill O'Dea: Fungophilic

Director - Al Butler

Ireland - 5 minutes

Irish Mushroom expert Bill O'Dea brings us into the seemingly infinite world of Mushrooms and explains their profound impact on the world we live in.

Through The Wall

Director - Larissa Corriveau

Canada - 20 minutes

Edmond, the only child of Jacques and Marie, lives in a world without words, a situation which slowly creates a breach in the heart of the family home. Diving into the depths of her despair, Marie discovers the surprising universe hidden in her son's silence.

Birthday Girl

Director - Portia A. Buckley

UK - 17 minutes

Set in Manchester's notorious Moss Side, a single mother's birthday party ends in disaster when her lover arrives announced and clashes with her overprotective son.

The West Kerry Cowboy

Director - Cian O Connor

Ireland - 18minutes

Big Mac and his dad Frank live a lonely life in the heart of West Kerry. After his mother's death, Big Mac falls into a secretive world. On the day of her anniversary, Big Mac has a confession to make. The West Kerry Cowboy is a comedy drama about a man looking for acceptance of himself through acceptance by his father.

A Better You

Director - Eamonn Murphy

Ireland - 16 minutes

Set in a dystopian Neo-Steampunk World, Douglas a shy introvert enlists the help of "A Better You" a customisable carbon clone to help him win the girl of his dreams.


Director - Tom Ryan

Ireland - 15 minutes

Might sound funny, but there are people out there dealing with this bizarre affliction. CYRIL is one of those unfortunate few. He does not go out much, in fact he hardly leaves his apartment at all any more. In this golden age of hirsutism, the risk of having a beardy encounter is just too high


Director - Pratyusha Gupta

UK - 16 minutes

Desperate to make an impression during her second week at the home office Jamilah, struggles to draw out the story behind Emina, a young Bosnian woman’s asylum claim. 


Director - Nathan Fagan & Luke Daly

Ireland - 20 minutes

‘Flicker’ is a character portrait of Danny (Peter Newington), a typical twenty-something, who finds himself struggling to accept the full extent of his injuries after an unprovoked assault.

In Orbit

Director - Katie McNeice

Ireland - 17minutes

There was once an invisible optician, trapped in a strange and lonely world. Her story starts with a broken lens and the woman who taught her to see things differently. 


Director - Rami Kodeih

USA - 24 minutes

As Nazis separate children from their parents in the Warsaw Ghetto, a gang of women risks everything to smuggle their friend's three-month-old baby to safety. Inspired by true events.

Hello Sunshine

Director - Luke Albert

UK - 15 minutes

Newly single Jimi has been invited to the bohemian bedroom of the free-spirited Esther. Over the course of the evening, Esther shows another side of herself and reveals a secret that changed her life forever.

Raised by Queenz

Director - Soph Webberley

UK - 4 minutes

In the Spring of 2001 in Wolverhampton, a father’s adultery guilt sends him to try and explain his absence to his 5-year-old daughter. His daughter, now 23, acknowledges how she feels about being raised by the women in her life and how their struggle has empowered her.

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